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Digital Recorders by OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Marantz PMD-660 Solid State Recorder

Transfer audio files to PC ! A table-top portable model, the PMD-660 features a computer I/O connection that allows it to be easily linked for easy file transfer. XLR Phantom Powered microphone inputs and an easy to use menu system that allow you to concentrate on the job, not the recorder. Marantz PMD-660 Compact Flash Recorder

The PMD660 is the easiest to use professional XLR input recorder on the market today. The layout and menu are very easy to use. It has superior ergonomics. With microphones cables that exit the rear of the machine, not the side, it fits over the shoulder with a minimum chance of getting in the way. It offers 3 ways to set levels, ALC allows the machine to worry about setting record levels for you while ALC + manual allows you to do worry free recording while having some control over the action of the ALC circuit and for the more advanced user, a pure manual setting is available. Three presets makes it easy to set up ahead of time for different recording situations. These features allow for quick, reliable and repeatable setups that will give you the confidence you need to concentrate on the subject and not the technology. Plus the Marantz PMD 660 has proven itself to the be most reliable machine Oade Brothers Audio has sold in nearly 30 years of business !

Please note, not all PMD660s will accept all upgrades. Older PMD660s will only accept the Basic MOD.

Performance Enhancements Available :

The Marantz PMD 660 ENG upgrade is optimized for Electronic News Gathering Applications. This MOD removes the internal mics and replaces the stock preamps with a low noise, high speed preamp for optimum voice intelligibility. It offers a very high input overload point for the XLR inputs with the 20dB PAD on. This allows for connection to line level XLR sources, like XLR based press feeds. It also upgrades the line in signal path.
This is a great choice for journalist, photographers, oral historians, multimedia recordist or any general purpose recording where internal microphones are not needed.

The Marantz PMD 660 Song Catcher upgrade is optimized for field recordings of both amplified and un amplified voice and music with condenser microphones. This MOD removes the internal mics and replaces the stock preamps with a low noise, high speed FET preamp selected by ear for musical and soundstaging properties. It also upgrades the line in signal path. The resulting sound is fast, detailed and open sounding. It also results in a significant reduction in the noise level and audible High Frequency problems otherwise present in the system. The XLR mic inputs have an input overload point high enough to accommodate +4 dB (XLR type) line level sources
The PMD 660 SongCatcher is ideal for recording any type of music with a level of quality that will satisfy the critical ear.

The Marantz PMD 660 Ambient is optimized for field recordings of natural sounds, in the wilderness or in the city ! This MOD removes the internal mics as well as the Mic PAD and replaces the stock preamps with an ultra low noise, high speed FET preamp selected by ear for accurate sampling of 3D space and high frequency detail. The resulting sound is much more detailed and open sounding with accurate transient response, important for recording ambient sounds or other low amplitude sources in stereo as well as for mono voice recordings and un amplified music with the highest quality.
The PMD60 Ambient is ideal for ambient artists FX/Sampling and birders. It also upgrades the line in signal path for use with outboard gear.

The Basic MOD keeps all features intact and reduces the external mic input preamp hiss while increasing the input overload point thru the XLR microphone input.

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    We do not ship outside the USA

    We are now offering our Upgrades for any PMD660. You must obtain an RMA to send in a machine for this service. Our 90 day limited warranty applies only to the parts we install, not for the entire machine. Please understand our MOD voids the warranty from Marantz so we prefer to upgrade machines that are out of warranty.
    Please e-mail Doug Oade to obtain an RMA number. Turn around time is approximately 10 business days plus shipping time.
    We do NOT service decks that were not sold by Oade Brothers Audio, any deck sent in for an upgrade MUST be in good working order or it is not eligible for upgrades.

    Warranty Info :
    Our upgrades void the factory warranty but we offer a 180 day parts and labor limited warranty on the machines we sell modified. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse to service any machine that has had our warranty seal removed or tampered with.

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