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Fostex’s FR-2LE records BWF and MP3
With excellent quality up to 24-bit / 96KHz recording and Performance Enhanced !

The B-Stock FR2-LE Super MOD increases clarity and detail for enhanced performance in Nature and Ambient recording, FX or any application that requires high gain, low noise and distortion with maximum clarity and detail.
Perfect for ENG applications that require improved vocal detail and clarity with a more natural tone.
The Super MOD improves the entire signal path up to the A/D chip. This includes replacing the low grade input capacitors with ultra HQ capacitors and the low slew rate JRC 2122 op amps are replaced with high slew rate, low noise and distortion op amps chosen by ear for the best performance. All op amps and capacitors in the signal path to the A/D chip are upgraded.

  • BWF (stereo) or MP3 recording onType II Compact Flash Card or Micro Drive
  • Approx. 8-hour operation possible with Tamiya RC3600HV, Ni-MH battery.
  • FAT32 file system. 16/24 bit, 44.1/48/88.4/96kHz
  • USB 2.0 for high-speed file transfer to PC
  • 1 take = 1 file system to eliminate overwriting
  • Pre Rec buffer
  • Built-in editing function
  • Phantom power
  • Wired remote controller supplied as standard
  • Read After Write (RAW) monitoring
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