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How do I set up my microphones for a stereo recording ?
NOS or DIN technique

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    NOS technique
    The spacing between the microphones on the horizontal plane is intended to simulate the intra-ear delay time we hear. The spacing is about twice that of the ORTF method or 30cm for NOS and 20 cm for DIN, both use an included angle of 90 degrees. They are best suited for really bright sounding microphones. With Microphones like the AKG and Microtech Geffel lines there is a noticeable loss of focus or detail with this much spacing and is not recommended for these microphones. Very Bright mics like the AT and Schoeps often benefit from the phase differences resulting in a sweeter sound than they would produce in an X-Y configuration. If you like the ORTF method, you may wish to experiment with this interesting setup.




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