Fostex FR2 Super MOD


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The FR2 Super MOD increases clarity and detail for enhanced performance in Nature and Ambient recording, FX or any application that requires high gain and low noise as well as studio quality performance in a portable package. . This upgrade gives the FR2 a clean and fast very low noise signal path that is true to the input signal. This upgrade replaces op amps in the signal path up tp the A/D converter chip. The 48 volt Phantom power supply is also improved for the cleanest P48 possible. The low grade input electrolytic caps used in the stock machine have artifacts down at -85dB while the Super MOD capacitors push that down to film cap levels of -125dB. With an input signal down at -40 to -60 dB you need input stage artifacts to be as low as possible as the preamp amplifies both the desirable signal and the undesirable artifacts. The op amps used have very low noise and distortion with a high slew rate, dramatically outperforming the stock chips. For low level input signals the Super MOD offers a significant improvement in detail for very soft sounds and better nuance and depth of texture for acoustic instruments as well as voice.
Fostex FR2 Super MOD. Click here for more details.
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