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Digital Recorders by OADE BROTHERS AUDIO
Recording FAQ at the Tapers Section


Oade Brothers Audio has a Digital Field Recorder for your application !

  • What microphone do I need to do interviews in the field ?
  • What microphone do I need for Oral History ?
  • Which microphones work best ?
  • How do I make a stereo recording ?
  • How do I set up my microphones for stereo ?
  • Do I need internal microphones ?
  • How do I choose a microphone for nature or ambient recordings ?
  • Which recorders work well for my application ?
  • Which recorder is easiest to use ?
  • What is the Minimum Microphone Input Level ?
  • What software do I need to edit my audio ?
  • Do I need 16 or 24 bits ?
  • Should I update the firmware on my recorder ?
  • Where do I set Microphone attenuation on my PMD620 or PDM661?
  • How do I set Microphone levels on my recorder ?
  • About Batteries and Memory Cards
  • About Headphones for portable recorders



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