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Digital Recorders by OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Marantz PMD-670 Solid State Recorder - No Longer available

Transfer audio files to PC ! A table-top portable model, the PMD670 features a computer I/O connection that allows it to be easily linked for easy file transfer. Marantz PMD-670 Compact Flash Recorder
PMD-670 Features
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PMD-670 Upgrades

Like its predecessors, the PMD670 is a rugged and reliable portable recorder specifically designed for applications like meeting recording, voice dictation, high quality sound gathering and everything in between. The PMD670 includes a built-in microphone, built-in speaker, and professional mic/line inputs and outputs. You can record many hours of quality stereo or mono audio on a single CF (compact flash) memory card or Microdrive. Transfer audio files into a computer for editing or distribution by simply placing a recorded card into your computer PC card drive or use the built in computer I/O port for a no hassle approach to file transfer. The PMD670 is also fully compatible with Marantz Professional's PMDEdit editing and file management software.

The PMD670 Solid State Recorder features non-stop record with 7 hours of battery life, a menu-driven remote operation, and an EDL marking system for creating new fi les on-the-fl y during the recording for easy fi le selection during playback. Users are assured a high-quality recording result due to the built-in lock down panels that secure the recording setting switches and media door from accidental changes in-the-field.

Drag and drop recorded audio files to your computerís hard drive in minutes without the real-time delay disadvantages of cassette, MiniDisc, and DAT recording! Extensive capability Designed with compatibility for MP3, MP2, BWF, WAV formats the PMD670 boasts an impressive 40 assignable quality settings as well as a FAT32 File Allocation Table for future multi-gig file capability. Simple Operation With the flip of a switch record audio files to affordable and widely available Microdrives or compact flash cards.

Recommended microphones :

  • ENG / Interviews
    Hand Held Condensers
    UniDirectional : M-Audio Aries, Audio-Technica ATM710, AKG C535EB
    Omnidirectional : Beyer MCE58 (Omnis are best in windy conditions)
    Dynamic OmniDirectional : AT 804
    HQ Hand Held Condensers :
    UniDirectional : Neumann KMS105 NI, Schoeps CMH 641U
    Oral History
    AKG C417 or LM3/CK32, Audio-Technica AT899 or MT830R, DPA 4060 w/DAD6001 P48 adapter
  • Stereo Recording
    Low Cost
    Studio Projects C4 kit, Audio Technica AT825
    Low Cost Nature/FX
    AT 3031, Rode NT4
    HQ Stereo / ENG / Studio / Nature / FX
    AKG C480B/CK62 or CK69, Schoeps CMC64, DPA 4041-SP, Sennheiser MKH30 & MKH50 & MKH800 & ME64/K6 & ME62/K6
  • Stereo Shotgun: Audio-Technica AT835ST, Neumann RSM 191
  • Stereo Music Recording
    Low Cost Musical Mics
    Studio Projects C4 kit or LSD2, Rode NT4 or NT5 stereo pair, Peluso CEMC6
    HQ Musical Mics
    Schoeps MK2S & MK4 & MK41 w/CMC6U or as CCM series, Schoeps Sphere
    DPA 4006-TL & 4011-TL & 4022 & 4026 & 4052
    AKG C480B w/CK61 & CK62 & CK63 or C414B-XLII/ST or C451ST
    Neumann KM184, TLM170R
    Beyer MC930
  • Binaural: DPA 4060 w/DAD6001 P48 adapter, Neumann KU100
  • Shotgun: AT 875R, AT 897, AKG C480b/CK69, Sennheiser ME66/K6, Schoeps CMIT5U
  • Large Diaphragm Cardioid Studio (best for studio vocal sound)
    Low Cost
    Studio Projects B1 & B3 & C1 & C3, Audio Technica AT3035, Rode NT1-A & Broadcaster
    HQ Large Diaphragm Cardioid Studio
    Audio Technica AT4050, AKG C414 & Solid Tube, Neumann TLM103 & TLM193 & TLM170, DPA 4041-SP
  • Head Worn for Analysis
    AKG C555L

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