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Digital Recorders by OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Marantz PMD-670 Solid State Recorder

Transfer audio files to PC ! A table-top portable model, the PMD670 features a computer I/O connection that allows it to be easily linked for easy file transfer. Marantz PMD-670 Compact Flash Recorder
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PMD-670 Specs
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  • Records onto inexpensive and reliable solid state CF cards (compact flash) or Microdrives (64 MB Flash Card formatted and ships with unit)
  • Records up to 5 1/2 hours (stereo, 48kHz)(when media becomes available)
  • Records in .mp2, .mp3, .wav, and .bwf digital audio formats
  • Over 40 assignable bitrates and sampling frequency combinations for many quality and media space saving settings
  • FAT 32 File Allocation Table allows for larger future media and files
  • One touch record
  • Simultaneously close and start new recordings
  • Improved menu-driven remote operation (contact closure)
  • Computer I/O port for direct to computer file transfer
  • Security screw for media door
  • Security panel to lock out sensitive recording parameters from being altered
  • Noise filters
  • Automatic level control
  • 2 second pre-record audio cache
  • Built in mic and speaker
  • Digital in and out (s/pdif format)
  • XLR mic inputs
  • +48V phantom power

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