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Stereo Recording History

    First a brief history of stereo recordings. During the 1930's, researchers, such as Alan Blumlein , Arthur Kelly and Harvey Fletcher experimented with stereo recordings. The crossed figure eight microphone method , still used today by classical recording teams; carries Blumlein's name.

    The first commercial use of stereo sound was the Disney Studio's release of "Fantasia" in 1940. This interlocked dual-system format, installed for this film, was never used again ,as no more product was ever released. The 1950's saw the first real use of stereo sound in the theater, followed by product for the consumer market. The 1960's saw the end of monaural recordings the proliferation of stereo product and the rise of stereo broadcasting. During the 1970's we saw a brief spurt of quadraphonic systems. A variety of incomparable systems were placed on the market and a number of artist released albums in quad. Quadraphonic sound died in the same decade in which it was born. The 1980's brought us surround sound, once again, in theaters first, followed by it's release in the consumer market place.

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