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Below is a list of my personal gear that I wish to sell

If you are interested, please send an E-Mail to Doug Oade
All gear is in good working order. Prices include ground shipping in the 48 states.

1 HHB Classic 80 stereo tube mic preamp for sale, 775.00. This is an impressive preamp with a classic pentode tube sound that is in great shape with new tubes. The Classic 80 uses a transformer-coupled Class-A discrete input followed by an EF86 pentode tube. Each channel then passes through two additional triode tube stages. other features of the Classic 80 include switchable input gain with variable trim, high and lowpass filtering, unbalanced instrument inputs, a phase reverse switch on the second channel and output level controls.
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1 Valley Audio 460 X Gate/NR High End 2 channel noise gate and expander, very quiet, stable gating and very responsive with a clean, transparent sound. In very good condition, priced at 100.00.

1 Aphex Aural Exciter Type III Model 250 Instant clarity with the push of a button. Broadcast and studio quality enhancer for live, studio or broadcast sonic enhancement, dramatic improvement in audio clarity ! in like new condition, priced at 200.00.

1 Studio Project TB1 tube mic with case, like new conditon 125.00

1 AKG CK80 capsule like new condition, 50.00

1 AKG MPa IIIL XLR - Mini mic powering module, like new condition, 40.00


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