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Recording FAQ


Fostex FR-2 Memory Recorderby OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Fostex FR2LE Memory Recorder

fostex FR-2LE Memory Recorder
Fostex’s FR-2LE records BWF and MP3
With excellent quality up to 24-bit / 96KHz recording, huge feature list and a cost-effective price point, the FR-2LE offers users of portable DAT and other formats the opportunity to make the switch to a more flexible, higher quality audio acquisition machine without sacrificing features.

Fostex FR-2LE Field Memory Recorder Specifications per Fostex:

  • Recording Medium: Compact Flash Card
  • Recording Time:
        1 GB capacity (16-bit ); @ 44.1: 94 min., @ 48: 86 min.;
        (24-bit ) @ 44.1: 62 min., @ 48: 115 min. @ 96: 28 min
  • File Format: BWF (Broadcast Wave Format), MP3 (MPEG Layer-3)
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 /96 kHz
  • Quantization: 16-bit linear (44.1 / 48 kHz), 24bit linear (44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96)
  • MP3 192bps (stereo)
  • No. of Recording Track: 2 tracks
  • No. of Simultaneous Rec.: 2 tracks
  • Recording/Reproduction Frequency: 20 Hz - 20 kHz +-1dB (FS 44.1/48kHz), 20 Hz - 40 kHz +-2dB (FS 88.2/96kHz)
  • S/N (ADC-DAC, 24bit, 48kHz):
        Line (Input Gain: +4dBu) 95dB (typical)
        Mic (Input Gain: -60dBu) 85dB (typical)
  • Dynamic Range (ADC-DAC, 24bit, 48kHz): 100dB (typical)
  • T.H.D. (ADC-DAC, 24it, 48kHz):
        Line less than 0.005% (at 1kHz 1dB, typical)
        Mic (trim max) less than 0.008% (at 1kHz 1dB, typical)
  • A/D chip Cirrus CS42L51
  • Channel Separation: more than 90dB (at 1kHz 0dB) (24bit, -20BFS, 48kHz)
  • Reference Level: -12dBFS
  • Locate Memory: 99 Cue points per file
  • Battery Operation Time; Approx. 8 hours (Tamiya RC3600HV, Ni-MH battery), Approx. 4 hours (4 x AA Alkaline / Ni-MH battery)


  • Analog In (L/R)
  • Connector: XLR-Phone Combo Type

    Line In

  • Connector: 6mm dia TS Phone Jack (unbalanced)
  • Input Impedance: more than 10k ohm
  • Reference Input: Level -10dBV
  • Maximum Input: Level ???

    Mic In

  • Connector: XLR-3-31 Type (balanced, 2-pin hot)
  • Input Impedance: more than 6k ohm
  • Reference Input: Level -50dBu to -10dBu
  • Maximum Input: Level +2dBu
  • Phantom: P48

    Monitor Out L, R:

  • Connector: RCA Pin Jack (unbalanced)
  • Load Impedance: more than 10k ohm
  • Reference Output Level: -10dBV


  • Connector: Stereo Mini Phone Jack
  • Load Impedance: more than 32 ohm
  • Maximum Output Level: 15 + 15mW (32 ohm)
  • USB 2.0 (for PC or MAC)
  • Connector: Series B" Receptacle
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Maximum Output: 300mW


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 2.25 in x 8.11 in. x 5.20 in., 57(H) x 206(W) x 132(D) mm
  • Weight Approx.: 0.8kgs (w/o battery)
  • Power Requirement: DC12V; AA (Alkaline, NiCd, NiMH) x 4; Tamiya-type (7.2V) battery; AD-12A Adaptor (supplied)
  • Power Consumption: 4W

    Fostex FR-2LE Field Memory Recorder Includes:
    Wired remote controller with microphone attachment belt, 128MB CF card, AC adapter, dedicated shoulder belt and carrying pouch.

    • Located at Oade Brothers Audio 548 Meridian Rd. Thomasville, Ga. 31792

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