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Marantz PMD-660 Solid State Recorder

Transfer audio files to PC ! A table-top portable model, the PMD-660 features a computer I/O connection that allows it to be easily linked for easy file transfer. XLR Phantom Powered microphone inputs and an easy to use menu system that allow you to concentrate on the job, not the recorder. Marantz PMD-660 Compact Flash Recorder
PMD-660 Main Page
PMD-660 Specs
PMD-660 Large View
PMD-660 Rear View
PMD-660 CF Slot
PMD-660 Upgrades


  • Smallest PMD yet-fits in your hand
  • Records uncompressed 16-bit PCM .wav files at 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz
  • Records mono .mp3 files at 64 kbps
  • Records stereo .mp3 files at 128 kbps
  • Uses inexpensive, widely available Compact Flash media (CF)
  • 1 GB CF card can hold over 1 hour of uncompressed stereo
  • 1 GB CF card can hold over 17 hours (stereo) or 36 hours (mono) .mp3
  • Operates for four hours on four AA batteries
  • Two XLR mic connections with +48v phantom power
  • Two built-in condenser mics for easy, true stereo recordings
  • Stereo line I/O
  • Solid State Design
  • No moving parts-no maintenance
  • "Copy Segment" cut-and-paste editing to a new sound file
  • 99 "Virtual Tracks" for immediate playback access of important audio segments
  • Built-in USB port for easy file transfer
  • Optional wired remote control with peak indicator

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