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Marantz PMD-671 Solid State Recorder

Transfer audio files to PC ! A table-top portable model, the PMD-671 features a computer I/O connection that allows it to be easily linked for easy file transfer. 24/96 analog recording, S/PDIF digital I/O and XLR Phantom Powered microphone inputs in an easy to use package allows you to concentrate on the job, not the recorder. Marantz PMD-671 Compact Flash Recorder
PMD-671 Main Page
PMD-671 Specs
PMD-671 Large View
PMD-671 Front View
PMD-671 I/O View
PMD-671 CF Slot View
PMD-671 Upgrades


  • Record Directly to Compact Flash Cards
  • Easy One-Touch Record
  • Portable Operation
  • No Moving Parts
  • MP3, MP2, WAV, and BWF Format Compatible
  • Over 40 Assignable Quality Settings
  • Security for Switch Settings and Media(Door)
  • 16-48 KHz Sample Rate Selections
  • 32-384 Bit Rate Selectable
  • Menu Driven Contact Closure for Remote Operation: Start-Pause/Mark EDL/Unattended Power Up and Record/Create New file
  • Digital Input and Output
  • Balanced XLR Mic Inputs
  • +48 V Phantom Power
  • Unbalanced Line In and Out
  • USB (2.0)
  • Read after write monitor
  • Shift time playback
  • Monitoring without REC-MUTE
  • Optional NiCad and NiMh batteries (rechargeable on-board)
    * *Additional function from PMD670

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