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Digital Recorders by OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Superscope PMR61 Solid State Recorder

The PMR61 is clearly a different type of recorder. With a simple top panel layout consisting of only four buttons, the user has little opportunity for error. All critical setup functions are included in the touch screen menu, which not only gives immediate status during recording, but also allows for easy setup, navigation, and operation. Superscope PMR61
PMR61 Main Page
PMR61 Specs
PMR61 Large View
PMR61 Rear View
PMR61 Side View


  • Built-in 16GB Memory (file settings for over 4300 Hrs of recording)
  • Simultaneous Record to Internal Memory & USB Media
  • Automatically Detects Input Sources & Internal Mics
  • Record Check (Automatic Input Sensitivity & Record Level Settings)
  • Flexible Sample Frequencies (44.1, 22.05, 11.025kHz)
  • Flexible MP3 Bit Rates (256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8kbps)
  • Active File Size Calculator (easy selection using recording parameters)
  • Room Noise Low Cut Filtering (Normal or Maximum)
  • Automatic Record Start (Power On and Audio Level Detect)
  • One Touch Recording
  • Add Company/Organization to File Names Automatically
  • Reduced File Size Recordings (email attachment friendly)
  • 48V Phantom Power / 5V for 3.5mm Conference Mics
  • Playback Formats (WAV & MP3)
  • Recorded Files Automatically Named with Date/Time
  • Convenient On-Screen Quick Search Forward and Back Playback Controls
  • Move, Copy, Archive, Backup, and Delete Files
  • Large Color LCD Touch Screen Display (4.5" Diagonal)
  • Include company/organization name to Home Screen for identification purposes
  • Instant Lookup for Inspecting Device and File Properties
  • PIN Password Secures Files and Protects Recording Settings
  • Time-Saving Features for Backing Up Files to Internal & USB Media
  • Programmable Auto Delete Files (by date)
  • USB Media Check (checks USB Media for compatibility)
  • Battery Backup System (recording continues when AC is lost)
  • Internal Battery Charging (Ni-MH Batteries x 4)
  • Integrated Stand for Anti-Glare Viewing
  • Lockable Theft Protection (laptop style)
  • Auto-Switching Professional Stereo Condenser Mics
  • Built-In Speaker (mutes during recording to avoid feedback)

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