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Digital Recorder Upgrades by OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

       Upgrade your Digital Recorder

Roland R44 Upgrade
Fostex FR-2 Upgrade
Fostex FR2LE Upgrades
Marantz PMD-706 Upgrades
Marantz PMD-660 Upgrades
Marantz PMD-661 Upgrades
Marantz PMD-620 Upgrades
Marantz PMD-670 Upgrades
Marantz PMD-671 Upgrades
Tascam HDP2 Upgrades
Tascam DR-100 series Upgrades
Oade Brothers Audio now offering upgrades for your digital recorder.

Please e-mail Doug Oade to obtain an RMA number. Turn around time is approximately 10 to 12 business days plus shipping time.
Please note that older PMD 660s will not accept all upgrades as they use lower voltages for the audio circuits. PMD660s starting with serial number 2003 or 2004 will accept any upgrade.

The following Upgrades are available for any Digital Recorders in good working order.
Please note, our upgrade voids the factory warranty.
If we did not sell the machine with an upgrade installed, we warranty only the parts we put in, not the entire machine.
Please contact Doug Oade via E-mail to obtain an RMA number as well as shipping and payment instructions.

Introducing a new upgrade for the 661 !

Introducing the PLUS MOD for the Marantz PMD-661 & MKII. It can be added to any existing Oade Brothers MOD or installed into a stock machine along with the either FET, Super, Warm or Concert MODs. The stock machine with MIC ATTN set to 0dB and gain adjusted for 55dBV of gain to reach 0DBFS has a noise level of -50dbV. The Super MOD Plus, with the same settings, has -57dB of noise while the FET MOD Plus has a noise floor of -60dBV. This upgrade achieves enhanced performance by removing the internal mics and dual level mono. Please contact Doug Oade for details.

Marantz PMD661 FET/Super/Warm/Concert

Edirol R44 Super MOD

Edirol R44 Concert MOD

Fostex FR2LE Warm MOD

Fostex FR2LE Concert MOD

Fostex FR2LE Basic MOD

Fostex FR2LE Super MOD

Fostex FR2 Super MOD

Tascam HD-P2 Warm MOD

Tascam HD-P2 Concert MOD

Tascam HD-P2 Basic MOD

Tascam HD-P2 Super MOD

Tascam HD-P2 HD MOD

Marantz PMD 660 Basic MOD

Marantz PMD 660 ENG MOD

Marantz PMD 660 SongCatcher

Marantz PMD 660 Ambient

Marantz PMD 670 Basic MOD

Marantz PMD 671 Basic MOD

Marantz PMD 671 Advanced MOD

Marantz PMD 671 ACM

Marantz PMD 620 Basic MOD

Marantz PMD 620 Concert MOD

Marantz PMD 620 Warm MOD

Marantz PMD 620 Super MOD

Marantz PMD 706 Super/Super +FET MOD

Marantz PMD 706 Concert/Concert+Warm MOD

Grace Design V3

Edirol R4 Basic MOD

Edirol R4 Concert MOD

Edirol R4Pro Ambient MOD

Tascam DR100 Basic or Concert MOD

Tascam DR100 FET MOD

Tascam DR100MKII & MKIII Super, Concert or Warm MOD

Tascam DR100MKIII Audiophile MOD

Sony PCM-M10 MODs

    Shipping cost to Hawaii and Alaska are higher

    Circuit modifications and names Copyright 2003-2022 Doug Oade . All rights reserved.

    TMOD, WMOD, ACM, PMOD, Advanced MOD, Advanced Concert MOD, Basic MOD, Ambient MOD, Concert MOD, Transparent MOD, Transparent Concert MOD, HD MOD, Warm MOD, ENG MOD, FET MOD, Plus MOD and Super MOD Copyright 2003 - 2021 Doug Oade


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