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Digital Recorders by OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Tascam HDP2 Timecode CF Recorder

The TASCAM HDP2 Portable High-Definition Stereo Audio Recorder is the professional solution for the challenging requirements of live and on-location applications. It records at up to 192kHz/24-bit resolution for audiophile quality to Compact Flash media, locked to the built-in SMPTE timecode input.

Upgrade Information

    The HDP2 High Definition Upgrade rebuilds the analog signal path of the stock HD-P2 using very high slew rate op amps with ultra low THD. This upgrade reduces analog signal path distortion to the A/D chip and removes the limits imposed by the lower grade stock signal path chips. This significantly improves clarity and detail as well as size and depth of soundstage.
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    The HDP2 Super MOD increases clarity and detail for enhanced performance in ENG, Nature and Ambient recording, FX or any application that requires high gain and low noise. This upgrade gives the HDP2 a clean and fast signal path that is true to the input signal and use a preamp chip with significantly lower THD (25dB lower than the stock chip) 6dB of gain can be added by request, recommended for Nature recording or ENG with dynamic mics.
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    The HD-P2 Basic MOD rebuilds the mic preamp sing very high slew rate op amps with ultra low THD for enhanced clarity and detail.
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    Warranty Info : Our upgrades void the factory warranty but we offer a 90 day parts and labor limited warranty on the machines we sell modified. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse to service any machine that has had our warranty seal removed or tampered with.

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