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Fostex FR-2 Memory Recorderby OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Fostex FR-2 Memory Recorder

fostex FR-2 Memory Recorder
Fostex’s new FR-2 records uncompressed to both CF and PCMCIA hard drives!
With excellent quality (up to 24-bit / 192KHz recording - a first for a CF recorder), huge feature list and a cost-effective price point, the FR-2 offers users of portable DAT and other formats the opportunity to make the switch to a more flexible, higher quality audio acquisition machine without sacrificing features.

The FR2 Super MOD increases clarity and detail for enhanced performance in Nature and Ambient recording, FX or any application that requires high gain and low noise as well as studio quality performance in a portable package. . This upgrade gives the FR2 a clean and fast very low noise signal path that is true to the input signal. This upgrade replaces op amps in the signal path up tp the A/D converter chip. The 48 volt Phantom power supply is also improved for the cleanest P48 possible. The low grade input electrolytic caps used in the stock machine have artifacts down at -85dB while the Super MOD capacitors push that down to film cap levels of -125dB. With an input signal down at -40 to -60 dB you need input stage artifacts to be as low as possible as the preamp amplifies both the desirable signal and the undesirable artifacts. The op amps used have very low noise and distortion with a high slew rate, dramatically outperforming the stock chips. For low level input signals the Super MOD offers a significant improvement in detail for very soft sounds and better nuance and depth of texture for acoustic instruments as well as voice.

We do not ship outside the USA
We are now offering our Super MOD for any FR2. This cost 350.00 for each machine with return shipping and insurance via FedEx ground. You must obtain an RMA to send in a machine for this service. Our 90 day limited warranty applies only to the parts we install, not for the entire machine. Please understand our MOD voids the warranty from Marantz so we prefer to upgrade machines that are out of warranty.
Please e-mail the Doug Oade to obtain an RMA number. Turn around time is approximately 12 business days plus shipping time.

  • Which Upgrade is best for my application ?

  • Recommended microphones :

    • ENG / Interviews
      Hand Held Condensers
      UniDirectional : M-Audio Aries, Audio-Technica ATM710, AKG C535EB
      Omnidirectional : Beyer MCE58 (Omnis are best in windy conditions)
      HQ Hand Held Condensers :
      UniDirectional : Neumann KMS105 NI, Schoeps CMH 641U
      Hand Held Dynamics
      UniDirectional : Shure Beta 58, Sennheiser MD 431
      OmniDirectional : Shure VP64, AKG D230, EV 635N/D
      Oral History
      AKG C417 or LM3/CK32, Audio-Technica AT899 or MT830R, DPA 4060 w/DAD6001 P48 adapter
    • Stereo Recording
      Low Cost
      Studio Projects C4 kit, Audio Technica AT825
      Low Cost Nature/FX
      AT 3031, Rode NT4
      HQ Stereo / ENG / Studio / Nature / FX
      AKG C480B/CK62 or CK69, Schoeps CMC64, DPA 4041-SP, Sennheiser MKH30 & MKH50 & MKH800 & ME64/K6 & ME62/K6
    • Stereo Shotgun: Audio-Technica AT835ST, Neumann RSM 191
    • Stereo Music Recording
      Low Cost Musical Mics
      Studio Projects C4 kit or LSD2, Rode NT4 or NT5 stereo pair, Peluso CEMC6
      HQ Musical Mics
      Schoeps MK2S & MK4 & MK41 w/CMC6U or as CCM series, Schoeps Sphere
      DPA 4006-TL & 4011-TL & 4022 & 4026 & 4052
      AKG C480B w/CK61 & CK62 & CK63 or C414B-XLII/ST or C451ST
      Neumann KM184, TLM170R
      Beyer MC930
    • Binaural: DPA 4060 w/DAD6001 P48 adapter, Neumann KU100
    • Shotgun: AT 897, AKG C480b/CK69, Sennheiser ME66/K6, Schoeps CMIT5U
    • Large Diaphragm Cardioid Studio (best for studio vocal sound)
      Low Cost
      Studio Projects B1 & B3 & C1 & C3, Audio Technica AT3035, Rode NT1-A & Broadcaster
      HQ Large Diaphragm Cardioid Studio
      Audio Technica AT4050, AKG C414 & Solid Tube, Neumann TLM103 & TLM193 & TLM170, DPA 4041-SP
    • Head Worn for Analysis
      AKG C555L

      Schoeps Microphone Systems
      DPA Microphone Systems (formerly B & K microphones)
      AKG Microphone Systems

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