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Fostex FR-2 Memory Recorderby OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Fostex FR-2 Memory Recorder

fostex FR-2 Memory Recorder
Fostex’s new FR-2 records uncompressed to both CF and PCMCIA hard drives!
With excellent quality (up to 24-bit / 192KHz recording - a first for a CF recorder), huge feature list and a cost-effective price point, the FR-2 offers users of portable DAT and other formats the opportunity to make the switch to a more flexible, higher quality audio acquisition machine without sacrificing features.


  • Records to innovative PCMCIA 1.8" hard disk drives and Type II Compact Flash
  • Industry-standard BWF format. Stereo/mono selectable
  • "File per Take" system with scene & auto take naming/increment
  • Up to an 'industry-first' 24-bit 192KHz recording in the field
  • 132 x 65 dot matrix LCD for ease of use & high visibility in the field
  • Takes 'off-the-shelf' AA-size NiMH batteries for approx. 2 hours field operation (Compact Flash)
  • Easy file transfer to PC/Mac via PCMCIA, CF adaptor or standard onboard USB connection
  • Quick file naming on-board or via external keyboard (USB port as standard)
  • Pre-recording loop buffer of approx. 10 seconds ensures no soundbite is ever missed
  • Tough rigid housing designed for the rigors of location use
  • Optional fully-featured timecode generator/reader card

  • Excellent Audio Compatibility : In adopting the BWF Broadcast WAV file format, the FR-2 offers what is now the most popular choice for professional recording. It can be set to record mono or stereo files with 16 or 24-bit quantisation over a vast range of frequencies from 22.05kHz for extended recording time up to 192kHz for the highest quality audio acquisition. Transferring files for editing and/or backup is fast and simple via a Compact Flash reader attached to a computer; a PCMCIA slot and/or a CF adaptor - ideal for those editing with a laptop; or indeed the on-board USB port.
    Professional Features : The FR-2 incorporates a number of features developed through Fostex’s work in location DVD-RAM recording with the PD-6 and DV40. Automated file/take naming speeds up time spent naming files between takes on location and complies with both US and Euro clapper board standards. In addition, the inclusion of a ‘pre-record’ buffer (user adjustable) means there should never be another missed take or lost soundbite!
    Easy to use Controls : Taking its cue from the PD-6 timecode DVD location recorder and Fostex’s excellent pedigree in portable timecode DAT recording, the FR-2 is ergonomically designed so that all controls fall easily to hand. The large 132 x 64 dot matrix display provides clear and concise information at all times, while innovative features such as automated file/take naming enhance still further the usability.
    Interfacing : The FR-2 is very well connected: the two analog inputs switchable between Mic & line on XLR connections link to top quality microphone pre-amps with selectable phantom power, while analog out is offered on RCA connectors. Digital I/O is selectable between AES/EBU and S/P-DIF, again on balanced XLR connections. The USB ports allow direct connection to PC and MAC with an additional port allowing for an external keyboard to be used to aid file naming and operation.
    Robust Design, Tough Construction : Designed from the ground up to withstand the rigours of in-the-field use, the FR-2 is constructed out of high-grade materials and tried & tested components.
    Timecode : The FR-2 can be retrofitted with an optional, fully featured timecode card offering both reader and generator thus turning it into the ideal production and location recorder, whether it be used as a master or backup machine.
    All Bases Covered : Excellent audio integrity, fully flexible recording, top quality mic amps, extensive interfacing plus optional timecode prove the Fostex FR-2 has all bases covered.
    CHOICE OF MEDIA : The FR-2 can record to Type II CompactFlash cards and the new breed of PCMCIA 1.8-inch hard disk drives (up to fs 96kHz), offering maximum flexibility and choice. The new 1.8-inch Type II PC Card hard disk drives pack high capacity into a very compact format. Their powerful, lightweight design makes them an ideal acquisition media offering, for example, 289 minutes of stereo recording at 24-bit/48kHz.

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