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Recording FAQ

Edirol R44 CF/HDD  Recorder by OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Roland R44 4 channel Recorder

Edirol R44 Hard Disc Recorder
Edirol R44 records uncompressed to an SD or SDHC memory card !
Weighing in at just less than 3 lbs including batteries makes the R-44 a perfect high quality recording solution for videographers, musicians, teachers, and sound designers to take anywhere.

Edirol R44 Concert upgrade rebuilds the mic preamps using high speed, low noise and very low distortion op amps that dramatically improve fine detail and clarity. Components are selected by ear to optimize detail and imaging for recording amplified music. Improvements are also made to reduce the audible digital noise that contaminates the analog signal path with noise generated by the display.

Edirol R44 Super upgrade rebuilds the mic preamps using high speed, very low noise and low distortion op amps that improve intelligibility and low level detail. Components are selected by ear to optimize detail and imaging for ENG, Acoustic Music or Ambient recordings with Ambisonics or Schoeps Surround mics. Improvements are also made to reduce the audible digital noise that contaminates the analog signal path with noise generated by the display, essential for high gain applications.

The chips used for the Super MOD have lower THD than the stock ones (about 9db less) but not as low as the ones used for the Concert MOD. The Super MOD chips do have a bit less hiss than the ones for the Concert MOD. This is preferred for very soft signals as there is less signal to mask the noise. In the Concert MOD the much lower THD chips (about 18dB less than the stock ones) enhance clarity in signals like music. Since music is going to have more signal level than very soft sounds, like nature sounds, the very slightly higher level of hiss is the Concert MOD vs the Super MOD is masked or not audible. The Concert MOD upgrade improves both line level and mic level signals so the Concert MOD is very well suited for use with line level sources, like a recording console or external preamp. To sum up, the Concert MOD optimizes the preamp circuit for clarity while the Super MOD optimizes it for low noise, both offer better detail and clarity than the stock deck. All 4 channels are upgraded.

Link to the R44 ADC chip engineering data.
Please note, in an effort to reverse the flood of bad info circulating in some recording forums, I suggest reading the technical specifications for the AK4620B series of ADCs used in the R4Pro and the R44 which is available for download from the manufacturer's website or the link above. "- Input PGA: 0dB to +18dB, 0.5dB/step (for single-ended input)" This is a digitally controlled analog Programmable Gain Amplifier that is controlled by the inner gain knob. Furthermore, the block diagram, supplied by the A/D converter's manufacturer, clearly shows the PGA or analog gain circuit ahead of the analog to digital conversion process in the signal chain. This is essential or 24 bit resolution could not be achieved.
Note on page 23 :"The IPGA is an analog volume control that improves the S/N ratio compared with digital volume controls."

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    Warranty Info : Our upgrades void the factory warranty but we offer a 1 year parts and labor limited warranty on the R-44s we sell modified. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse to service any machine that has had our warranty seal removed or tampered with.

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