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Tascam DR100 Solid State Recorder

The DR-100 can record MP3 or WAV files to SD card flash media for stable and secure storage that's also easy to share. The USB port makes it easy to transfer files to your Mac or PC for editing and sharing on the web. Tascam DR100 Digital Recorder
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DR-100 & DR-100MKII Upgrades

We are now offering a Basic MOD that lowers the noise in the XLR mic preamp, a Concert MOD that increases detail and clarity as well as an FET MOD that has low noise and distortion along with an impressive 3D soundstage ! All our DR100 series upgrades only improve the XLR signal path.
The Basic MOD replaces the preamp chip with a lower noise one that reduces hiss in the preamp while increasing gain.
The Concert MOD upgrade improves both line level and mic level signals when the XLR inputs are used, this makes the Concert MOD very well suited for use with line level sources, like an external preamp.
The FET MOD upgrade rebuilds the XLR inputs using a very high speed, very low noise and low distortion FET op amp that dramatically improves low level detail. The warmth of the FET microphone preamp allows for a more natural vocal tone when using highly directional mics, like a shotgun mic. The FET upgrade also produces an impressive 3D stereo image.
The Tascam DR100MKIII Audiophile MOD rebuilds the microphone preamp with state of the art components resulting in true high end sound quality.
Now available, pricing is on our Upgrades page.

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