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Edirol R4 Hard Disc Recorder

Edirol R4 Hard Disc Recorder
Edirol R4 records uncompressed to an internal 40 gig hard drive.
With excellent quality, up to 24-bit / 96 KHz recording at once on 4 channels, huge feature list and a cost-effective price point, the R4 offers users of portable DAT and other formats the opportunity to make the switch to a more flexible, higher quality audio acquisition machine without sacrificing features.

      The Edirol R4 has been discontinued but we do still offer upgrades, please click on the upgrades link to the left. Oade Brothers Audio is pleased to offer the following upgrades for the R4.
      All circuits upgrades offer significantly improved R4 performance.

      Basic MOD R4 reduces the hiss in the R4 and keeps all features intact.

      Due to the circuit board layout the R4 Concert upgrade is optimized for microphones on channels 3 and 4 while 1 and 2 are tweaked for a line level (recording console or soundboard) source or a secondary mic pair (4 mic mix). A 4 microphone recording works best with the primary coincident directional mic pair( i.e. 90 X-Y hypercardioids) on channels 3 and 4 with a secondary or flanking pair of omnidirectional mics on channels 1 and 2. 4 directional mic mixes are not recommended. 3 microphone mixes should use channels 3 and 4 as a primary pair and channel 1 or 2 as the center mic. The use of an omni center channel, aligned with the coincident primary pair typically produces the best results for 3 mic mixes.

      Concert MOD R4 reduces the hiss in the R4 as well as raises the microphone input overload point. This prevents the mic preamp from clipping with loud signal sources as well as lowering noise. High grade input capacitors along with low noise, high speed op amps are used to rebuild the preamps. The Concert MOD R4 is well suited to either amplified or un amplified music. This upgrade disables the 1/4" inputs and may require an external pad for very high line level signals.

      R4 Ambient MOD with very low noise at high gain and very detailed sound designed for recording soft signals, like nature sounds and FX. Perfect for Surround Recordings of natural spaces using the Schoeps DMS mic setup or the Ambisonics Horizontal B format. This upgrade disables the 1/4" inputs, internal mics and the line input (i.e. the -30 dB Pad) in order to maximize signal quality for low sound pressure level sources. The input capacitors are replaced with ultra low distortion Elna Silmic II capacitors and all the op amps up to the A/D chips are replaced with lower noise, lower distortion and higher slew rate chips.

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      We do not ship outside the USA

    Warranty Info : Our upgrades void the factory warranty but we offer a 90 day parts and labor limited warranty on the machines we modify. Please note, we reserve the right to refuse to service any machine that has had our warranty seal removed or tampered with.

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