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Roland R26 CF/HDD  Recorder by OADE BROTHERS AUDIO

Roland R26 Digital Recorder

Roland R26 Hard Disc Recorder
Superior detail, depth, and unparalleled flexibilitywelcome to a new world of portable recording..
Two types of built-in stereo mics—omnidirectional and directional—operate independently of each other. The R-26’s dual stereo mics provide the ultimate flexibility in different recording applications. In addition to capturing recordings that leverage the individual characteristics of OMNI (omnidirectional) and XY (directional) mics, you can mix the mics together to achieve the optimum balance. Support for up to six channels of simultaneous recording—a powerful tool for professional applications. In addition to the onboard mics, the R-26 provides XLR/TRS inputs for up to six channels (three stereo) of simultaneous recording. For example, you can capture an instrument up close with the built-in mics, record room ambience with external mics, and save them as separate files for mixing together later. Three-channel IARC circuitry reduces interference between inputs for high-quality sound. The R-26 is equipped with Roland’s proprietary IARC (Isolated Adaptive Recording Circuit) on the inputs for the built-in mics and as well as the external inputs. This analog circuit is completely isolated from the digital circuitry and has its own power supply, reducing digital noise and achieving very clear sound.

      Main Features
    • Two types of built-in stereo microphones (omnidirectional and directional) that can be used in various combinations
    • Two XLR/TRS combo inputs with 48 V phantom power, plus an input for a stereo plug-in powered mic
    • Supports up to six channels (three stereo channels) of simultaneous recording
    • Large LCD touchscreen display for intuitive navigation
    • Large input-level knobs for fine adjustment
    • Built-in Hi-Speed USB interface for use as an audio interface or external storage
    • Loop-Back function; combine this with the built-in or external mics for the optimum live video streaming setup (only with Audio Interface function)
    • Bundled with SONAR LE software (PC)

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